Local ads show D-X (including Chyna) as WWE Hall of Fame headliners

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After rumors that an Owen Hart-less Hart Foundation would be inducted into a Hall of Fame class which reportedly isn’t a huge priority for WWE, we may finally get an announcement about the headliners today (Feb. 18).

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp tweeted about it in the early morning hours, and now PWInsider’s followed up with a more detailed report – ads are said to be circulating which lists D-Generation X as the top billed inductees for this year’s class.

WWE normally starts announcing members of the class in January (Sting was officially named on Jan. 11, 2016, Kurt Angle on Jan. 16, 2017 and Goldberg on Jan. 15, 2018). Given that, and that the Hall ceremony on Sat., April 6 is the only WrestleMania week event the company hasn’t made details or tickets available for by now, a commercial making the rounds today and saying tickets go on sale this Friday seems believable.

Assuming it is, and the D-X members featured in the ad are all being inducted, Shawn Michaels will join Ric Flair as the only two-time members of the Hall. Triple H will get what could be the first of two (or more, if they ever decide to put Evolution in as a group), along with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & current All Elite producer Billy Gunn).

Of course, the big name is Chyna. Prior to her death in 2016, Joanie Lauer had a troubled relationship with WWE as part of a life full of struggles with mental health and addiction issues. In particular, a post-wrestling career in pornography was mentioned as a barrier to a Hall induction she lobbied for before she died (widely reported relationship drama with Lauer, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon has also been listed as a reason by those outside WWE). Many have continued to advocate for her place in WWE’s club since she died of an overdose at age 46. She certainly has a place in wrestling history as a pioneering women’s act who crossed over into the men’s division, and as one of the most recognizable performers of the Attitude Era which makes her deserving of the honor.

It was with D-X she reached the peak of fame, as Chyna was an original member of the rebellious faction along with Michaels & Triple H (and Rick Rude, who isn’t mentioned in these reports). Their popularity was key to the then-WWF turning the tide against WCW during the Monday Night War, something which is rarely talked about without footage of the group “invading” Nitro in their military-themed gear on April 27, 1998.

WWE’s usual pattern is to give the announcement about each inductee in Hall of Fame classes to a major media outlet/partner the afternoon before Raw and then tout it on the show that night. If that pattern holds, and the advertisement driving these reports is legit, we should get an official announcement in a few hours.

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