Kurt Angle tries to defend wrestling Baron Corbin in his retirement match

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When Kurt Angle announced he would be wrestling Baron Corbin in his retirement match at WrestleMania 35 on April 7, 2019, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the response was so negative so quickly that WWE immediately incorporated it into the storyline. Fans took to social media decrying the decision, so Michael Cole brought it up on commentary.

That led to Baron Corbin weighing in:

And, later, Angle himself doing his best to defend it:

The match makes sense, in a way, considering recent storylines. Then again, WWE came right out and, in storyline, admitted the show was awful and that’s why viewership was down and blamed it all on Corbin. Now, here’s Angle outright admitting he knows this isn’t the most popular decision while asking for support anyway. It seems strange to continually go against the fan’s wishes for the sake of Baron freaking Corbin, but here we are.

It’s at least possible WWE makes a change, because this is a company that will advertise one thing all the way up until showtime before delivering another. So there’s a chance Angle vs. Corbin isn’t ultimately the plan, or, if it is, said plan will change by the time we get to MetLife Stadium early next month.

For now, feel free to be upset about an obviously bad decision.

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