Kovalev: The Last Fight Alvarez Got Lucky, I’ll Prove I’m Better

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Former light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev has promised to get revenge on Saturday night, when he faces Eleider Alvarez on Saturday night in Frisco, Texas. The contest will top an ESPN event.

Last August, Alvarez captured the WBO light heavyweight crown when he knocked out Kovalev in the seventh round.

The contest was on the table, and the action was close, when Alvarez landed a single counter that dropped Kovalev down hard in the seventh. He was never able to recover, as he was dropped two more times for the knockout.


Kovalev believes Alvarez’s win was not more than the result of a single “lucky” punch.

“The last fight he got lucky.  He got lucky of course.  I lost concentration for just a couple of seconds – a lack of attention just for one second.  Then I couldn’t get focused after the knock down,” Kovalev said.

“Maybe I wasn’t ready enough.  I don’t want to use it as excuses but on Saturday I will prove that I am better than Alvarez.  And that is my goal to get my belts back.  That’s my goal right now and it is a big motivation.”

Kovalev was not pleased with his training camp for the first contest, and hired trainer Buddy McGirt.

“I didn’t have enough gas, enough power.  You saw my condition.  I was lazy it was like something was wrong with my body,” Kovalev said.

“Proving again that I always push myself more than needed and that was my biggest mistake in my boxing career.  Always push further than needed.  Right now Buddy has taught me a lot – saving energy for the fight and I listen to him 100% on his recommendations and I follow his instructions.  I like this training camp but we’ll see Saturday what the boxing side will show.
“Right now at this time before the fight I am used to dieting.  This time I wanted to be better for everything – in life and in the boxing gym and in life and my team change.  I am happy working with Teddy Cruz my strength coach and Buddy McGirt my boxing coach.  They are really a great team and they are great persons.  We have a great understanding with each other and I like the team very much.”

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