Kofi Kingston WWE Championship Win Opens Doors

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Wrestlemania 35 was truly a night that tugged on the heart strings of fans. After 11 long years, Kofi Kingston finally captured the WWE Championship. It is true that not all heroes wear capes. This epic and historical win symbolizes that it is indeed a new day (pun intended).

There are very few moments in the history of professional wrestling that pleases everybody. Quite frankly that is fine. Everyone has their own favorites and preferences, like any other form of entertainment or sport.

However, Kofi Kingston defeating Daniel Bryan is one of those rare moments where everyone was happy.

Kofi Kingston has won over the hearts of women, men, and children. Fans have known this for a long time. Still Wrestlemania 35 showcased that fact on the grandest stage that couldn’t be overlooked even by the higher ups.

Kofi Kingston had the loudest crowd reaction. Kofi Kingston had everyone watching at home and in attendance hanging on his every move. Check out Twitter and Instagram. Kingston had tons of wrestlers and fans literally tearing up. Some may say that sounds corny. Yet, that could not be furthest from the truth. It can’t be emphasized enough. Representation matters.

Black children and people of color got to witness the official crowning of their superhero. More importantly, their hero wasn’t a superstar that was unceremoniously stereotyped. Kingston is not a man playing the gimmick of a thug, a division 1 athlete, or an angry black man.

Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship by being a black man you can’t put in a box. He wasn’t someone that acted a certain way just to be “black enough”. That just may be the most beautiful part about his Wrestlemania moment.

Black children can see that being themselves and grinding will pay off. Speaking minimal slang does not make you less of a black person. Black people are brilliant in other things beside rap and playing basketball. Kofi Kingston is living proof of that.

Some may continue to point out The Rock to lessen the impact of Kingston’s win. To those people, I say you are severely missing the point. For one, The Rock never won THE championship at a Wrestlemania. That officially does make the Ghana native the first explicitly black man to win on the big stage. The Rock, Mark Henry, and Booker T are all legitimate former world champions.

With all due respect to those legends none of their championship win had the same meaning as Kofi Kingston’s.

Additionally, this win makes Kofi a grand slam champion. In one match that he originally was not booked to be in, all that history was made.

This win is going to open doors for the likes of Velveteen Dream, Keith Lee and so much black WWE superstars. Even black wrestlers that may not have signed with WWE yet will likely be more willing now. They see someone like them can be a top guy.

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It’s a new day, yes it is, Thank you Kofi for being humble, talented, and a true inspiration for everyone.

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