Kofi Kingston Is About To Cut The Promo Of His Life On Vince McMahon

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On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown in Dayton, Ohio, Vince McMahon will address his actions at Fastlane, where he essentially ambushed Kofi Kingston and lied to the 11-year veteran. And wrestling fans can expect Kofi to cut the promo of his life in response.

WWE has been bringing out the full-court press for Kofi Kingston’s Road to WrestleMania, as the 11-year veteran of the wrestling business has yet to receive a one-on-one title match in his illustrious career. That should all change at the Show of Shows in New York City, as Kingston was bumped off of the Fastlane card by Vince McMahon himself in storyline, likely as a way of moving Kevin Owens’s title match to Fastlane and Kofi’s to WrestleMania.

The way Vince accomplished this, of course, helps make Kofi feel like one of the biggest babyfaces in wrestling. Everyone in the WWE Universe is rooting for Kofi to pull off his first world title victory, especially after Vince lied to Kingston on the night of Fastlane, promising that he’d make the match a Triple Threat with Kofi included before booking him in a handicap match with Sheamus and Cesaro – two familiar rivals of The New Day’s.

It was a despicable act by WWE’s Chairman and CEO in storyline, but, in reality, it makes it seem more likely that Kofi will get his highly-anticipated WrestleMania moment on Apr. 7. Vince doesn’t just give anyone the rub, and it appears the WWE Universe could witness two WrestleMania heroes in Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch this year.

But before all that happens, Vince will appear on SmackDown Live tonight – hat tip to Fightful.com’s Jeremy Lambert for the story – to address Kofi and, perhaps, attempt to justify his unjustifiable actions at Fastlane as the leader of WWE.

When Vince replaced Kofi with Owens a couple of weeks ago on SmackDown Live, he asserted that Owens is more “deserving” and a bigger box-office attraction than Kingston. Based on the way the WWE Universe have reacted, even failing to cheer for one of their favorites in Mustafa Ali in the Triple Threat that did take place at Fastlane, it’s clear that Kofi is a big attraction for WWE. And his 11 years of elite work attest to the fact that he is deserving of a WWE Championship reign.

Tonight on SmackDown, Kofi will make another strong statement of his ability by cutting the promo of his life against Mr. McMahon. This is Kingston’s chance to unequivocally show how great he is, because he’s already won over the WWE Universe with his in-ring work lately, specifically at the Elimination Chamber and in the preceding Gauntlet Match. But this is Kofi’s chance to remind wrestling fans that he can cut one of the fiercest promos in the game – the time for pure positivity is over.

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Kingston’s march to WrestleMania is one of WWE’s most captivating storylines this spring, and he has a chance to cut one of the best promos of the year – maybe in history – on SmackDown against the boss himself. This is a huge moment for the WWE Universe, and there’s no doubt that Kofi will deliver if given the opportunity; for 11 years, he’s done nothing but deliver. The passion from Kofi tonight will be like nothing else, because, again, this is a storyline that is, at its core, a decade in the making.

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