Kin Moy Wants to Make Jay Perrin Fight on His Terms at Cage Titans 42

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This past November after two years away from fighting, bantamweight prospect Kin Moy made his return to fighting with a third round submission win over Patrick Corrigan at Cage Titans 41.

For Moy, the time off as a result of several different things, but thanks to what he did during the layoff he was able to make a successful return to fighting.

“I had a bunch of injuries, opponents pulling out, and things like my girlfriend having knee surgery and me taking care of her during her recovery, so there’s a lot of things that kept me out of the game for up to two years,” Moy told

“I felt as good overall as ever, or possibly better. I’m definitely looking to roll with that momentum. I’m feeling like I’ve shaken of the ring rust and I’m ready to go again.”

Moy admits that there was some adjustment needing to be made in his return, but it was offset by the things he had added to his game during his time off.

“I think at the end of the day fighting is fighting,” said Moy. “It was meant to be a welcome back fight, but (Corrigan) was very tough and durable, and really helped me put on a good show there.

“Mentally I didn’t feel as sharp or confident as I had felt previously when I had been competing more regularly, but in terms of how it actually looked it was fine or was better because in the time off I had training and refining skills I didn’t have before last November.”

On Saturday in Plymouth, Mass., Moy (9-3) will look to add a title to his resume when he challenges Jay Perrin (7-3) in the Cage Titans 42 bantamweight championship main event.

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“The funny thing with Jay is we’re actually friends and have trained extensively together in the past,” Moy said. “I will have the advantage striking at a distance, and also have the advantage on the ground. Where maybe he has maybe a leg up over me is his wrestling against the cage and also his Muay Thai clinch is very dangerous – the way he combines the two is what makes him so formidable.

“The key for victory for me is to make sure we fight on my terms; which is at the extreme end; either standing on the feet like a kickboxing match or on the ground where I can use my Jiu-Jitsu.”

For Moy getting an opportunity to fight consistently again after a long layoff is the main thing he’s focused on now.

“Honestly I just missed fighting so much,” said Moy. “I love the exhilaration of being in there. The crowd is so electric and competing in front of them in this gladiator-esque sport is to me as good as it gets.

“I don’t really have any grandiose plans. But I want to take it one fight at a time, put on a good show, and see what happens next.”

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