Kevin Owens transformation into a babyface is off to a great start

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It feels good to have Kevin Owens back on WWE television.

Last week, Kevin Owens returned to SmackDown as Vince McMahon’s handpicked opponent for WWE champion Daniel Bryan. KO was taking the spot of Kofi Kingston and he really was put into an impossible position.

WWE wanted Owens to get over as a returning babyface, but to do so he would have to steal the spot of Kingston.

This week in the opening segment of SmackDown, WWE had to do the legwork of getting fans behind Owens for his match versus Bryan on Sunday.

Champion and challenger had a brief battle of promos and Owens was able to hit on the all relatable good guy notes.

It was stark contrast from WWE fans are used to seeing from Owens, but it really feels like he pulled it off.

A prolonged Kevin Owens babyface run? Sign us up.

What do you think of WWE’s decision to bring back KO as a face?

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