Kevin Owens isn’t coming back for few months, is still good at Twitter

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WWE started teasing his return (along with running buddy Sami Zayn) as part of their new era back in December. That was exciting for fans, as reports when his knee surgeries were announced back in October were to expect he’d be out 4 – 6 months.

But then came more rumors that WWE had just announced the comeback to generate buzz, and he still might not be back until after WrestleMania 35.

Yesterday (Feb. 1), Owens got some folks excited that he might be working toward a pre-April return with a tweet which also got all of us Mt. Rushmore marks pretty amped…

As you can imagine, people took it as more than a jab at a certain giver-of-stars. The notion of Owens wrestling meant OWENS IS WRESTLING!

Sadly, Adam Cole isn’t the only thing he’s wrestling. He’s also got some of the IKEA merch that’s giving him fits. And keeping him off our screens for a while…

Ah well. Whenever KO returns, it’ll be worth the wait. Just like his now only occasional Twitter game.

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