Just the weirdest damn photo gallery from WWE

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Where to even start with this?

Under a heading that is either riffing on a Bruce Springsteen song from the 80s or a weird Adam Driver movie from a few years back, WWE.com busts out a photo gallery with a headline that’s at least two years two late:


But okay, they have to make content for National Candy Month, right? No, they probably don’t. And also? National Candy Month?

Anyway, I’m not gonna complain too much when you open with Mandy Rose in red next to some lollipops, and stuff like this did make me laugh:



But Ember Moon next to a pile of what I think are Hot Tamales?

Ah, hell, who am I to talk. Content creation can be a grind, and this one does succeed by being different. I certainly spent several minutes and clicks looking at it, all while trying to figure out why I was looking at it.

And you know, Candice LeRae’s vest might actually be made out of candy necklaces…

Check out the whole thing here.

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