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Japanese heavyweight Harasawa Hisayoshi won his fifth Grand Slam title as he convincingly defeated the highly-touted Abu Dhabi Grand Slam winner Inal Tasoev of Russia. Olympic silver medallist Harasawa banished his memories from the 2018 edition of Germany’s Grand Slam when he was disqualified along with this teammate Ojitani Takeshi in the final.

World bronze medallist Harasawa, who took silver in Paris a fortnight ago, has made a stellar start to the year and ended the second Grand Slam of the season on a high with a picturesque ippon from a uchi-mata after 90 seconds.

In the first semi-final Harasawa sent Osaka Grand Slam winner Henk Grol (NED) over for ippon with an o-uchi-gari while in the second semi-final Tasoev squeezed past former Tokyo Grand Slam winner Ogawa Yusei (JPN) by a waza-ari score.

The first bronze medal was won by world bronze medallist number one seed and Ulziibayar Duurenbayar (MGL) after Ogawa was dismissed three minutes into golden score for dropping with two shidos already to his name. 

The second bronze medal went to two-time Junior World Championships silver medallist Stephan Hegyi (AUT) who threw an exhausted Grol after 12 seconds of golden score for a waza-ari.

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