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A legendary African Open this weekend for Botswana. Although Algeria was clearly the best nation at the African Open in Yaounde this weekend with 8 gold medals, there was lots more to celebrate for other less typical judo nations.

Despite the dominance of Algeria Not too much space for the other countries, but still enough space to claim the first ever gold medal at a World Cup, an Olympic Qualification event for Botswana. Never the small judo nation captured a medal at a World Cup, but on Saturday Gavin Mogopa became the first athlete to take gold.

In his weight class U66kg 22-year old Mogopa, who participated at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, defeated Kevin Loforte (MOZ) in the final. In Yaounde in Cameroon 118 athletes fought for the medals. Although Algeria claimed 8 gold medals, home nation Cameroon took 19 medals including two titles for women U70kg by Ayuk Otay Arrey Sophina and +78kg by Hortence Vanessa Mballa Atangana who last week also won the first ever World Tour medal in the Hague. Africa is on the move. Senegal heavyweight Mbagnick Ndiaye was the only athlete to defend last year’s title successfully. Vlad Visan (ROU) was the only European winner in Yaounde with gold U81kg.

U100kg Lyes Bouyacoub (35) was the oldest winner of the event. Young Algerian lightweight Hadjer Mecerem won gold U48kg with her 18 years of age. Next country to win gold should be Mozambique that won a silver medal three times, but never in the history won gold. The epic final U66kg was between the countries without a gold medal so far, won by Botswana. World Cups are held in African since 2010, since last year the international tournament of Yaounde has the African Open status.

Tunisia (34) and Algeria (31) have won the most World Cup gold medals in history followed by Cameroon (11) and Senegal (11).

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15 Apr 2017 17:20

With seven gold medals Algeria was clearly the leading nation of Africa this weekend. At the African Championship in Madagascar the team took seven gold medals, just as much as the 2011 edition. With 18 medals in total also the amount of medals was a clear success. Read more


8 Apr 2016 20:55

The plus category at the African Championships in Tunisia delivered the expected winners and both for the host nation Tunisia. Faicel Jaballah had won two African Games and today he added his 7th African Championships title. This time against Mohammed Tayeb (ALG). Although the final wasn’t worth watching with 4 penalties Jaballah won 2 seconds for the end by hansokumake. Read more

20150329_Samsun_ JABALLAH, Faical (TUN) sm

8 Apr 2016 03:45

Athletes from 31 nations will fight for the essential Qualification Points to participate at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The African Championships in Tunis are more important than ever and in the 14 weight classes each point can help the athletes to Rio. Last year at the African Championships the current host Tunisia was amazingly strong picking 50% of all 16 available medals including Open category. Eight titles for the current host nation rises the expectations. Tunisia and Algeria ended equal in the men’s division but in the women Tunisia won with 5 gold medals. Read more

NIANG, Assmaa (MAR)

11 Mar 2016 10:05

About 300 athletes from more than 50 nations will be present at the African Open in Casablanca, one of the last qualifying possibilities and the last in Africa, excepted for the continental championships. The African Open in Morocco will obviously present a strong home team winning four medals last year and five in 2014. Assmaa Niang and Rizlen Zouak even medalled in both editions. Read more


14 Nov 2015 09:05

The investments seemed to be worth while for the British fighters who won three gold medals this weekend in Australia at the Oceania Open in Wollongong. The Britons captured three gold medals. One on day 1 and two on Saturday by Megan Fletcher and Sarah Adlington. Both gained a precious 100 points for the IJF World Ranking. Read more

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