Johnny Impact pulled the ol’ fake neck brace trick on Brian Cage

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When wrestling fans think of neck braces, an image of Bobby Heenan often comes to mind.

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Leave it to Johnny Impact to bring that neck brace chicanery back in style in a big way. On last night’s (Mar. 15) Impact, world champ Johnny was scheduled to give Cage a long awaited title shot. The quick story is that Johnny had issues with Killer Kross and Moose, so he convinced Cage to team up in exchange for a future championship opportunity.

Unfortunately for Cage, Johnny injured his neck. Investigative reporter Rolando Menendez interviewed Johnny and Taya, in her Peg Bundy inspired tracksuit, last week. It was revealed that Johnny may have to get neck fusion, but he will still honor his word and give Cage the match before potential surgery.

Johnny’s performance in that interview was too rich. It screamed that something fishy was going on.

Last night, the time was right for Johnny vs Cage. However, things did not appear as they seemed.

At first, nobody came out when Johnny’s music hit. Eventually, Killer Kross entered with Johnny’s unconscious body draped over his shoulder. Kross had a cinder block and a steel chair looking to do extreme damage.

Taya brought out Cage to make the save, but Cage just stood on the entrance ramp and watched. Taya protected her husband’s body then forearm shivered Kross in the face. Kross threatened to whack Taya with a chair and that was enough to goad Cage in as the protector. Cage cleared the ring of evil and that’s when Taya struck.

Low blow by Taya! Johnny kipped up, shook off his neck brace, hit Moonlight Drive, placed the cinder block on Cage’s head, and delivered a blow with the steel chair. Dastardly!

Taya’s response on Twitter was simply, “Oooops,” while Kross HAHAHAHA’d, much like in the background of this photo.

Absolutely despicable. And I love it! Cheese me up, Scotty. I’m a fan of over-the-top ridiculousness in wrestling. Johnny and Taya played Cage like a fool, even though he was on to them. Credit to the Mayor and Lady of Slamtown for anticipating scenarios and pulling the right strings. Even though Johnny and Taya scored with entertainment, it will be so much sweeter when Cage gets retribution.

Most diabolical of all is that Johnny and Taya’s dog, Prince Presley, was in on the scheming.

Prince Presley was making news with poop threats after Kross attacked Taya at Homecoming in January. I can’t believe that those two were in cahoots the whole time. In the words of Prince Presley, “Ruff ruff, bow wow,” which translates to, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

How do you feel about Johnny Impact using a fake injury to weasel out of wrestling Cage? Did you see the heel turn coming? What is your favorite neck brace moment in professional wrestling?

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