John Mayer accepts Max Holloway’s bottlecap challenge, aces it

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Max Holloway impressed the internet on Friday afternoon, completing the ‘bottlecap challenge’ by kicking the cap off a bottle with a spinning kick and leaving it twirling perfectly in place like the top from Inception. He then demanded singer-songwriter John Mayer take a shot at it, which seemed like an interesting choice … that Mayer quickly accepted.

On Saturday evening just as all the violence at UFC on ESPN 3 was going down, Mayer uploaded his own bottlecap challenge video and the pop star showed off some pretty impressive skills with his own spinning kick. Of course, how many times did we not see him messing up, kicking his assistant, and just generally sucking at the whole thing? We imagine a lot. Damn social media giving people unrealistic expectations of reality.

Take a look:

We imagine the internet will soon be swarming with people recreating this, but one guy who isn’t going to be participating is former middleweight champ Chris Weidman.

”Yeah, I would attempt it but last time I threw a spinning back kick I lost my world title,” he wrote.

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