John Cena Would Be The Best Option For Kurt Angle’s Final Match

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Kurt Angle made a somber announcement to the WWE Universe in his hometown of Pittsburgh, informing fans that his match at WrestleMania 35 will be his last. Here’s why John Cena would be the most ideal opponent for the former Olympic gold medalist.

In his hometown of Pittsburgh, a city that loves Kurt Angle with all their heart, the former Olympic gold medalist announced his retirement to the WWE Universe. At WrestleMania 35, Angle will compete in his final wrestling match, and there are a few great options for him, including Drew McInytre, who humiliated Angle months ago, and the returning Roman Reigns, who initially retired The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. (Side note: McIntyre vs. Reigns should happen at ‘Mania.)

However, the option that stands out the most as the best opponent for Angle is John Cena. A retirement match between Cena and Angle would bring the latter’s career full circle, because it was Angle who helped launch Cena’s career.

Who could forget that iconic segment?

“Who in the hell are you?”

“I’m John Cena.”

“What is the one quality that you possess that makes you think you can walk out here and come into the ring and face the very best in the business.”

“Ruthlesssss. AGGRESSION!”

Absolute perfection.

Angle’s opponent for WrestleMania will be the subject of plenty of speculation over the ensuing few weeks, and while McIntyre and Reigns are great options that shouldn’t be ruled out, it’s worth noting that Cena’s opponent is completely up in the air.

Of course, Samoa Joe teased facing Cena in a dream match for the United States Championship, calling out the 16-time champion by name in a backstage promo immediately after he won the title in a Fatal Four-Way on SmackDown Live against Andrade, Rey Mysterio, and R-Truth. But that doesn’t guarantee Joe vs. Cena will take place at all, even if Cena has been in a US Title match at WrestleMania in the past (a victory over Rusev).

Cena vs. Angle just seems too perfect to pass up on. It’d be the proper send-off for Angle, who is one of the most decorated amateur and professional wrestlers in history. He’s given WWE so much during his career, and his career and Cena’s have been intertwined ever since The Face That Runs The Place made his incredible debut.

Furthermore, it’s a noteworthy match Cena can win without hurting a young star’s career. Cena has been putting over wrestlers like Finn Balor over the past few months, and he’s even given The Man Becky Lynch, WWE’s next top star, a huge boost.

But Cena needs to get “his”, and there’s no better way for him to do this than retiring Kurt Angle in a heartfelt WrestleMania 35 match. Cena and Angle are both excellent wrestlers who understand psychology perhaps better than anyone, and that would give this match a special feel to it. Both men can still go as athletes, particularly the younger Cena, but this match will be all about a gut-wrenching story as Angle tries to go out on a high note against one of WWE’s most indestructible superstars.

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When he finally comes up short but has his hands raised by Cena, the man who owes Angle his debut, in the ultimate sign of respect, I won’t hide the cheer that rolls down my cheek.

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