John Cena Returns To WWE

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2019 will almost be upon us when WWE Raw concludes on Monday Night. Find out what might be in store for the last Raw of 2018 in my SPOILER-FREE predictions for this week’s episode.

WWE Raw falls on New Year’s Eve this week, meaning we will once again have Raw air on tape delay.

Recently, this practice of taping episodes that fall on major holidays has come under scrutiny from some fans who hate the specter of spoilers hanging over the show.

Truthfully, I can empathize with that sentiment. Live shows are always preferred to taped shows for that very reason in my book. That is far from an excuse to complain about WWE giving their wrestlers some well-deserved time off when most of the world is celebrating with family as well.

Personally, I have long been an advocate for an off-season for WWE. Every sport or television program has an off-season, it only makes sense for WWE to have one as well.

Wrestlers usually get an accumulation of injuries as the year rolls on it seems, so time off would allow them to heal up and reset themselves before WWE’s big events.

While this off-season wouldn’t necessarily have to occur in December, it should still occur sometime within the late fall or winter months to ensure that all of WWE’s top stars are as healthy as they can be for the company’s biggest shows.

Regardless, this debate is probably ultimately best left for an in-depth look at another time, yet it seems prudent to note that there is such a debate to be had when people erroneously slam wrestlers for daring to be allowed personal time during the holiday season.

It’s also worth mentioning that the pre-taped WWE Raw last week for Christmas Eve was quite good as well, not to mention the fact that spoilers seemed rather easy to avoid.

WWE will undoubtedly be looking to close 2018 on a high note by keeping that momentum from last week’s episode going into New Year’s Eve.

Luckily, it seems they have quite a solid plan to ensure that, given the fact we will be getting the much anticipated return of John Cena on this week’s episode, along with what should be a great steel cage match main event.

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