Joe Renews Rivalry With The Phenomenal One

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WWE SmackDown

The Oct. 30 edition of WWE SmackDown was a stellar show from start to finish with plenty of memorable moments along the way, including an impromptu championship match.

Last night’s WWE SmackDown was a memorable show on several different fronts with an entertaining Halloween-themed match and an unexpected WWE Championship match early in the night.

Crown Jewel is this Friday and the show has dealt with a few changes as of late with one major change coming courtesy of the blue brand.  With that being said, let’s take a look at a few grades from the Oct. 30 edition of WWE SmackDown.

5. Opening Segment

AJ Styles has been WWE Champion for nearly a year at this point in time while turning back challenge after challenge.  However, The Phenomenal One has been getting his biggest challenges to date in recent memory that have threatened his reign.

Styles was able to get past the Samoa Joe roadblock, for a while at least, but he was set for another major challenge in Daniel Bryan.  The two were set to take place in a WWE Championship match at Crown Jewel, but last night dramatically changed the fortunes of that match when the two opened up the show.

Last night opened up with Styles calling out Bryan to address the actions that went on last week.  The Yes Man said all he sees when he looks at Styles is the WWE Championship, and that’s what Bryan wants more than anything since his return to the WWE.  Styles apologized to Bryan, but it wouldn’t be for the incidental kick last week.

The WWE Champion said he lied when he said the kick was an accident last week because he meant for it to hit Bryan.  Both men wanted a piece of each other and Styles said he would defend his title right here, right now.  Commissioner Shane McMahon came out and made it happen in a surprising turn of events.

As far as just this opening segment goes, it was well-done by both men and perfectly led into a huge title match.

Final Grade: B+

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