Jesse Hart Makes 175 Debut, Decisions Sullivan Barrera

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MGM Grand, Las Vegas – Jesse Hart (26-2, 21 KOs) won a ten round unanimous decision over Sullivan Barrera (22-3, 14 KOs).

The scores were 99-90, 96-93 and 97-92.

Hart was making his debut in the light heavyweight division, after losing a twelve round decision to then WBO world champion Gilberto Ramirez at super middleweight.

The action was close in the early going, but was Hart landing the much harder punches. In the second round, both were landing some heavy punches at close range. Hart appeared to be doing more damage, but Barrera was holding his own.

They continued to trade in the fourth, with Hart connecting with the more damaging punches. But in the closing moments, Barrera rocked Hart with a series of hard combinations. 

In the sixth, it was Hart who rocked Barrera with several overhand shots that clipped him on the head. During the eight round, Hart scored a flash knockdown when he caught Barrera coming in . For much of that round, Hart was moving and pecking. Several replays showed that Hart did not land clean and Barrera went down from being off-balance.

Hart continued to move and jab for most of the ninth, and continued the same pattern of work in the tenth.


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