Jeremiah Nakathila Targets Title Clash With Jamel Herring

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The WBO Africa champion, Jeremiah Nakathila says he is ready to dethrone Jamel Herring of his WBO world title.

Nakathila is currently rated number 2 by the WBO and recently defeated WBO #15 Zoltan Kovac from Hungary with an impressive knockout victory.

Nakathila is the current WBO Africa champion, and a tough contender with impressive speed and power. He serves as a dedicated member of the Namibian Police Force and boast with an impressive record of 19 fights with only a close points loss against Chuprakov back in 2016.


“Let me firstly congratulate Jamel Herring for an impressive victory. He went in as a relatively unknown underdog, not rated in the WBO before and shocked the world by dethroning Ito. That is what great champions do, they triumph against all odds. He must now fight me before he can fight anybody else. I earned my right to fight the champion and I hope the WBO will order this fight,” said Nakathila

Nakathila’s Trainer, Nestor Tobias who produced a dozen of world champions from Namibia with a population of only over 2.4 million people says he knows that his man is ready.

“Nakathila has a big heart and he will not only defeat Herring to become the new champion but he also has the ability to defend his title at least 3 times. I have produced many world champions before and I can tell you this boy is the real deal. I have read Herring’s story, a very emotional one indeed, but now the man from the US Marines will have to face the man from the Namibian Police, and I can tell you now this is a fight that the world will forever remember. We know that Roach Jr is currently rated number 1 by the WBO, but Nakathila has been rated in the top 5 almost all year. Roach is no match for Nakathila, and he certainly lacks experience at this level and it will make sense for the WBO to match Herring vs Nakathila for a real exciting fight,” said Nestor

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