Jason Jordan Is Involved In WWE’s Creative Meetings

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Jason Jordan hasn’t wrestled in a WWE ring since January 2018 when he and Seth Rollins dropped the Raw Tag Team Championships to Sheamus and Cesaro, but Kurt Angle’s son has reportedly still found a way to be an important part of the promotion’s weekly programming.

One of the best tag team wrestlers in WWE, Jason Jordan has won tag team gold at every level of the promotion. As part of American Alpha with Chad Gable, he won the NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Championships, defeating two world champion-caliber wrestlers in Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt for the latter title, and he later won the Raw Tag Team Titles with (future Universal Champion?) Seth Rollins as his partner.

Unfortunately, Jordan hasn’t wrestled for more than a year due to a scary neck injury, with some worried that he may never wrestle again. That talk may have been presumptuous, but Jordan’s in-ring career is still quite cloudy, given the lack of updates and the fact that he hasn’t wrestled since January 2018.

That said, Jordan has still benefited WWE’s weekly programming, just in a different way. WrestleVotes reports that Jordan has been sitting in on WWE’s important creative meetings, and the company reportedly holds his insight in “high regard”.

WWE has been making some big chances on the creative side, including hiring Dana Warrior, firing Arn Anderson, and naming a new head writer for its Women’s Divisions. They also lost an important voice on the creative side in writer Kazeem Famuyide, who left on amicable terms.

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It’s great to see that, amidst all these changes, Jordan has become a valued voice on the creative team. In the ring, Jordan is an excellent wrestler. He’s an intelligent ring general, a great seller, one of the best technical wrestlers on the roster, and ridiculously strong. It’s no surprise to see that Jordan has some great ideas for WWE’s creative, and it’s great to hear that his insight is valued.

Because of this rise in status backstage, perhaps Jason Jordan could have a key role for WWE going forward. As a fan, it would be ideal to see him back in the ring, but if that isn’t in the cards, a prominent backstage role could be at least as important to the WWE machine.

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