Jaron Ennis Eager To Return After Promotional Confusion

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For one of the sport’s top young talents, red hot welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis (22-0, 20 KOs), slowing down for the business to get cleaned up is taking away from his fun fighting.

After two impressive knockout performances on ShoBox, the 21-year-old Ennis has been on the radar of all the television networks and major promoters with all the makings of one of the sports next superstars.

It seems everyone wants to do business with the Ennis team but there is confusion about his team.


His promoter of record is Cameron Dunkin’s Now Boxing Promotions. Dunkin has been in control of his career from the very beginning. The problem started when Dunkin’s longtime assistant and one time friend Chris Middendorf started telling everyone he was the promoter.

Word spread to the Ennis’ and Dunkin that Middendorf was claiming to be the promoter.

“Chris was telling people he had a promotional contract when he didn’t. He made meetings with networks without telling me, he even offered to sell a contract he didn’t have to other promoters,” Dunkin said. “Chris has the nerve to threaten to sue people for dealing with me when I’m the actual promoter.”

The other key player in the Boots’ business is his father/manager, Bozy, one of the most respected trainers ever in boxing rich Philadelphia. Boots grew up in the legendary Bozy’s Dungeon Gym where older brothers Derek “Pooh” Ennis and Farah Ennis boxed to the higher levels of the paid ranks.

“There is no way possible that I would have ever signed or let my son ever sign a promotional agreement or any agreement with Chris Middendorf. It didn’t happen, it would never happen,” Bozy said. “We signed an agreement with Cameron Dunkin to run and control everything. Cameron is someone I believe in, someone I’ve known for 20-years and I can trust. Chris Middendorf had nothing to do with our deal with Cameron. He was not and is not part of our contract.

“There are very few people in boxing that get along with Chris. Cameron was the best friend he had in the business, and he did Cameron wrong by going around misleading people that he was the promoter Boots. It’s sad for Chris because he blew his chance to be on a great team.”

For the young boxer Boots his first experience with the dirt and grime of the boxing business was instructive.

“I love training. I love the fights. I just want to stay busy and fight the top guys and be the world champion we all know I can be. I’m leaving the business to Cameron and my dad. I want to get along with everybody,” said Boots. “I was okay with Chris working for Cameron but after what he did, saying he was the promoter when he knows he wasn’t the promoter. That’s the wrong way to treat people that were your friends.

“I signed with Cameron Dunkin not Chris Middendorf. Chris worked for Cameron so it was really strange when he started acting like he was in charge, like he was the promoter. My pops goes back a long ways with Cameron and I got to know him really well when everybody was recruiting me out of the amateurs. Cameron was the guy we signed with. I never had any dealings or agreements with Chris Middendorf other than him working for Cameron.”

Dunkin is the much respected brains behind the management of many world champions, including some of the sports biggest names. Dunkin has now transitioned over to the promotional end, putting together one of the sport’s best young stables of boxers at Now Boxing Promotions.together one of the sport’s best young stables of boxers at Now Boxing Promotions.

“Everyone is interested in Boots but no one wants to get in the middle of it when they don’t understand who is in charge, but all you need to do is ask the boxer, ask his father, his manager, speak to me. That’s how the deal was done.”

Taking a more public role with the Ennis team will be Business Manager Tom Moran, longtime Philly manager who has been close friends with Bozy Ennis for over 30-years.

“Boots was one of the most exciting prospects in the world coming out of the amateurs. Everybody wanted him,” Moran said.

“Bozy asked me to help him evaluate all the many big offers they had. I know there is never a chance in the world that Bozy would ever sign a contract with Chris Middendorf. It was always about letting Cameron run everything and control it. Cameron can be a very quiet presence behind the scenes but this has always been Cameron in charge, Cameron the promoter. Chris proved his true self when he betrayed his most loyal friend Cameron. But it’s clear now, the truth rises up and before you know it Boots will be one of boxing’s biggest stars.”

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