It’s Not Over For Kofi Kingston, He Still Has A Chance At WM

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Although Kofi Kingston barely came up short in the main event of the WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, his title hopes are far from finished. Could a WrestleMania moment await?

Everybody was Waiting and anticipating the 2019 Elimination Chamber PPV for two reasons:

No. 1: The Women’s Elimination Chamber Match where the Inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions would be crowned. (Congratulations Sasha Banks and Bayley!)


No. 2: Kofi Kingston! Period.

What a Past few days it’s been for Kofi Kingston. The New Day was in an unfamiliar place there for a second. They’ve won the WWE Tag Team Championships multiple times on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Both Kofi Kingston and Big E (Langston) have held singles titles before. But none of the three have been anywhere near the WWE Championship picture.

Fans have demanded more Black WWE Champions, and Kofi Kingston ‘s name was definitely among the most-mentioned. Everyone started to wonder when it would be Kofi’s time.

The original Elimination Chamber Match was supposed to consist of The New Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and Mustafa Ali. But then Mustafa Ali was removed from the match due to injuries. People immediately began to wonder who would replace Mustafa Ali; it was anybody’s guess.

On last Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live, WWE made the rather shocking announcement that one of the members of the (legendary) New Day would replace Ali In The Gauntlet Match that night and The 2019 Men’s Elimination Chamber Match on Sunday. Say What? I didn’t see that coming!

Anyone of them would have been good picks, to be honest. But then came The Moment Of Truth. They teased Xavier Woods. They teased Big E. Then It was revealed to be Kofi Kingston, who was the best choice for three main reasons

A) He’s the veteran of the stable

B) He’s gotten virtually every championship in the company EXCEPT the WWE Championship,

And C) The opportunities for him to earn a WWE Championship shot have been very few and far between for someone who has been in the company for 11 years and has clearly paid his dues.

Personally, I was worried about Kofi! I never thought he had any kind of chance of winning the match let alone getting the opportunity to really shine and prove why he’s one of the best in the company.

It wasn’t me thinking he wasn’t good enough. It’s the way WWE has a tendency of booking him at times – specifically before he was in The New Day.

I thought Kofi would be one of the first to be eliminated. But then he turned around and eliminated the WWE Champion, “The New” Daniel Bryan! What?! I didn’t see that coming! I didn’t see that coming at all!

That’s when the mood, the energy in my room, and the energy in that entire arena shifted! I could have sworn I saw my wig fly itself into the fireplace! WWE having Kofi pin the Champion in the very beginning said a lot.

Oh, but that wasn’t all! He also pinned Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe before being eliminated by AJ Styles after lasting for over an hour!

It was clearly a career-defining performance by Kingston that immediately sent the WWE Universe and wrestling blogs into a frenzy.

To say Kofi had the most momentum going into Elimination Chamber match would be an understatement. Everybody wanted it at that point. Some fans straight up demanded they  “Put The Wood On Kofi”, so to speak.

He pretty much topped himself again at the 2019 Elimination Chamber Match.

He got out of the Styles Clash, he got out of the Coquina Clutch on at least two different occasions, he fought Daniel Bryan on top of the pod twice, and he was still in the match!

If WWE wanted to, they could’ve had Kofi eliminated a long time ago. Something’s happening here!

The man eliminated Randy Orton for God’s sake! He outlasted everybody except the Champion!

My mind was gone at this point!

Daniel Bryan kicks him – nothing!

Daniel Bryan tries over and over to Eliminate Kofi Kingston. The near falls were astounding! There were shots where members of the crowd looked away because they were terrified to watch!

And did you also notice how there was no Big E or Xavier Woods in sight?! Great call! This gave Kofi the whole floor and that was the best decision!

The crowd was on the edge of their seats; – pins and needles – including me! I’m at home shaking and shivering at every movement and every near fall. At one point, Daniel Bryan, or “The New” Daniel Bryan I should say, was milliseconds away from eliminating Kofi, only to fail once again, and Daniel was shook!

My Goodness, this was so good!

You can hear the crowd chanting Kofi’s name.

The WWE Universe gave their stamp of approval!


Oh, Kofi gave it all he got, but Bryan was still able to pin Kofi and retain his title.

You could almost hear a pin drop. Yeah, Kofi lost. But, for some reason, it didn’t really matter. Well, it does matter because everyone wanted last night to be his night.

At the same time, he further established himself as a serious challenger for that title, gaining more momentum and respect from the WWE Universe. Kofi still looked strong even in defeat; he won even when he lost.

And of course, he got a standing ovation  — not to mention the commentary team was nearly speechless after the match. (Even Corey Graves.)

I don’t think it’s over for Kofi.

For one, and it hurts me to say this, having Bryan retain was pretty much the right move. It didn’t feel like quite the right time to take the belt from Bryan during the best title reign of his career.

And lastly, this gives Kofi Kingston the build that he needs. As much as I want and believe that we will see Kingston as the WWE Champion very soon, I also didn’t want them to just up and slap the belt on him, even though it would have made sense during Black History Month.

The only thing better than Kofi Kingston earning and becoming the WWE Champion, becoming WWE’s first black world champion in six years, is Kofi becoming the WWE Champion on the biggest stage the company has to offer – WrestleMania!

I’m calling it now!


Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship is definitely what’s best for business. BOOK IT!

You can watch the New Day’s response below:

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Well done, Kofi. Well done.

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