It’s just as fun watching New Day & The Usos watch their Hell in a Cell match

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WWE Playback is back, this time focusing on The New Day and The Usos sitting down to watch their Hell in a Cell match from 2017. It is, predictably enough, a fun time, mostly because they’re relaxed enough to be themselves and friendly enough for it to be genuinely interesting.

Jey Uso talking about how nasty his socks looked and Jimmy saying his own dive over the top to Xavier Woods on the outside near the cage was “stupid” is proof enough of that.

The best moment of the video, however, is when Woods goes up to the top rope but just before he jumps off, he gets a chair thrown at his head. The collective reaction of all five guys is just the best thing.

It’s all great, really, and I highly suggest you give it a watch.


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