Is Halftime Heat Just A Cheap Shot At The NFL?

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During the Super Bowl halftime show, WWE will be airing its own event called Halftime Heat. Is this just a cheap shot by WWE and Vince McMahon at the NFL?

Well thanks to Halftime Heat, we now know how WWE feels about Maroon 5.

That’s right, WWE has taken aim at a Grammy Award winning band in order to promote a 20 minute NXT show. It might just be me, but there’s some level of humor to that.

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance this Halftime Heat show is not just a jab at the “Moves Like Jagger” performers. In fact, it feels a lot more like a certain WWE executive’s first shot across the bow at the NFL.

You see, Vince McMahon might just have a beef with the NFL. If you remember correctly, despite what I’m sure was numerous attempts at trying to forget, McMahon once was responsible for creating the XFL. It was an ill-fated, on so many different levels, attempt at challenging the NFL’s football dominance.

That league left this world in 2001 after setting a new standard for sleazy advertising and briefly making “He Hate Me” into a nationwide sensation. However, in just one short year, Vince McMahon will be reviving this once great football institution to take on the NFL again.

Please, contain your excitement.

Given this unique situation, it’s hard to feel that Halftime Heat is really anything other than the first of what could be many cheap shots McMahon takes at the NFL in the coming years.

While its true Halftime Heat as an event has its own illustrious history, how could anyone forget the much lauded empty arena match between The Rock and Mankind, forgive me for believing this show is about a little more than just professional wrestling and pop rock bands.

This feels like a half-baked attempt at sticking it to the NFL for its recent halftime controversies, in spite of the fact that those controversies are closely tied to everything the XFL will supposedly stand against.

For those who aren’t yet in the loop of the exciting world of shoddy football league revivals, that means the XFL is against kneeling during the national anthem, or really any other form of political gestures during its games.

Perhaps then, a WWE show targeted at exploiting those Super Bowl halftime struggles is a little misaligned all things considered.

When it’s all said and done though, I’ll admit that Halftime Heat is at least promising some exciting wrestling.

A six-man tag team match featuring Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, and Adam Cole taking on Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream, and Ricochet will likely be the best bout this event has ever seen, despite it being yet another halftime show interruption without a live fan audience due to the match hailing from WWE’s Performance Center.

Regardless of match quality however, I likely still can’t see myself having a burning desire to quickly hop on to the WWE Network to catch an NXT match I will be able to stream at my leisure later.

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Pardon me, I suppose, for preferring to stick with one of the most watched sporting events in the world over a single WWE match. It’ll only be a matter of time anyways before I end up having to switch my football fandom solely to the surely superior styling of Vince McMahon and the XFL.



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