InterMat Wrestling – Teasdale to leave Penn State

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Gavin Teasdale battles Patrick Glory at Beat the Streets in New York (Photo/Juan Garcia)

Gavin Teasdale, Penn State 125-pound freshman who had yet to take to the mat for the defending NCAA team champions, is transferring, head coach Cael Sanderson confirmed late Tuesday afternoon.

“Gavin is not gonna be on our team, he’s being removed the roster probably right now or today,” Sanderson said. “So don’t expect to see Gavin. We obviously wish him well and expect him to transfer.”

“[Teasdale’s decision] was recent, in the last couple days,” Sanderson added.

“We care a lot about Gavin and wish him all the best. We’ll try to help him land somewhere, whatever we can do for him. There are a lot of changes and moving parts in college athletics and this is just another example of that,” according to Sanderson.

Teasdale’s bio has already been removed from the official Penn State wrestling website.

A four-time Pennsylvania state champion for Jefferson-Morgan High School, Teasdale had said on Twitter last fall that he was leaving Penn State because of health issues, but that would he would be returning in January at “full capacity.”

Teasdale was reinstated on the roster in late December and reportedly was going to wrestle for Penn State in the Southern Scuffle. Teasdale’s entry was at the last minute; however, his much-anticipated debut was scratched just before the event. He also was on the entry list of the Shorty Hitchcock Memorial Open in January but scratched from that tournament as well.

“Those are just decisions and different things that we’ll have to look at moving forward,” Sanderson said. “But we have some good kids in the program and we have some good kids coming in.”

Penn State has been using sophomore Devin Schrupp of Pennsylvania this season, and also has Brody Teske, a four-time Iowa state champion, on its roster. Teske wrestled for the Nittany Lions in the Southern Scuffle but did not place.

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