InterMat Wrestling – GoFundMe for high school coach injured in ‘horrific’ car crash

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A GoFundMe page has been established for a Michigan high school wrestling coach who was seriously injured in a “horrific” car crash three weeks ago.

Corey Dwenger, mat coach at Hemlock High School near Saginaw, was involved in a crash on US 10 on Wednesday, Sept. 5. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, including severe damage to the temporal lobe of his brain, which resulted in loss of speech and vocabulary comprehension.

Dwenger, who wrestled at Hemlock before becoming coach, spent 16 days in the Neuro-Trauma ICU before being transferred to a rehabilitation facility late last week. Dwenger is expected to spend the next eight weeks at that facility.

Dwenger’s wife Rebecca told WNEM that her husband has started physical therapy and was walking on Monday.

As the GoFundMe page states, there are many challenges facing coach Dwenger, his wife Rebecca, and their two young daughters.

“The first 3 weeks after Corey’s accident, his wife Becky has been unable to work as she was at the hospital helping care and comfort Corey and their two young daughters. Now as Becky learns and adjusts to her new reality there are many every day and unforeseen expenses she wasn’t prepared to handle alone. Some of the unforeseen expenses are the renovations that will need to be done to make the home safe for Corey to return home. Each day the costs are adding up as we learn more and more about what we will need to care for him once he returns home. That is in addition to the everyday expenses and the travel costs to see him until he comes home.”

To contribute to the GoFundMe page for Coach Corey Dwenger, click here.

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