Impact Wrestling Uncaged Results and Review (February 15, 2019)

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Impact Wrestling presented “Uncaged” from Mexico City to conclude their tour south of the border, and it featured some of their hardest hitting matches of the year so far. The night featured two title matches as the Impact World Championship was defended in a Fatal 4-Way and the Knockouts Championship was contested in a brutal street fight.

It’s been just over a month since Impact Wrestling Homecoming, but the effects of that night continue to ripple through the company. Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard’s bitter rivalry continued, but this time they found themselves in Mexico City for a street fight. Killer Kross and Moose wedged their way into the title picture, but we also saw a few great matches that stood on their own merits.

World Cup, oVe, and more!

The night started and ended with brutal championship matches, but the middle of the show still had great action. Willie Mack continued his strong run in Impact Wrestling with a solid match against “All Ego” Ethan Page. Mack’s agility never fails to impress for a man of his size, and he didn’t have an easy task against Page. “All Ego” showed his willingness to go all out back at Homecoming when he competed in Ultimate X, the same night that Willie Mack took on Sami Callihan.

Both Mack and Page came up short that night, but it was Willie Mack who picked up some much needed momentum this time by defeating Page. After the match, we saw Willie Mack head backstage. After he went into a room, we saw Jake and Dave Crist of oVe follow closely behind. It’s not clear what happened, but Mack’s issues with oVe don’t appear to be ending any time soon.

Speaking of issues with oVe, “The Draw” Sami Callihan came out one final time to call out X-Division Champion Rich Swann and demand he accept the t-shirt and join the family that is Ohio Versus Everything. Without an ounce of hesitation, Rich Swann took the shirt and threw it right back at Callihan. A brawl erupted, but it was Swann who lost out on the night after receiving a piledriver on the stage and being tossed off the stage through a table.

The other non-title match of the night was for the 2019 Impact World Cup, and Team Impact took on Team AAA in a chaotic eight-man tag team elimination match. Impact Wrestling was represented by Sami Callihan, Fallah Bahh, Eddie Edwards, and Eli Drake, while Team AAA consisted of Puma King, Aerostar, El Hijo del Vikingo, and Psycho Clown. The teams traded falls, but AAA were fighting from behind for most of the match.

Things finally wound down to Psycho Clown and Puma King vs Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. Team Impact looked firmly in control when Callihan eliminated Puma King and Psycho Clown was left in a 2-on-1 situation, but things started to fall apart. Struggles between Callihan and Edwards saw “The Draw” get eliminated, leaving Eddie Edwards alone against Psycho Clown. That advantage held throughout the match proved all for nothing, as Eli Drake slid back towards the ring to take out Edwards with Kenny the Kendo Stick and allow Psycho Clown to pick up the win for Team AAA.

Championship Carnage

The night began with one of the most brutal Knockouts Championship matches in recent memory. Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard’s issues go back months, and those personal issues were definitely at play here. Taya Valkyrie may be Canadian, but her seven years of competing in Mexico gave her a firm homefield advantage in this street fight.

With warpaint on, it was clear that Valkyrie was ready for a war, but Tessa Blanchard brought the fight to her on the ramp right from the start. What followed was nothing short of violent. Steel chairs, steel pans, a table, a wooden board, it was all in play with in this anything goes brawl. Ultimately, it was Taya Valkyrie who drove Blanchard through a table with a diving double foot stomp to pick up the win and retain the Impact Knockouts Championship.

In the night’s main event, Johnny Impact defended the Impact World Championship against three other men in a chaotic Fatal 4-Way Match. Brian Cage, still livid from beliving he was screwed out of the title at Homecoming, was in Terminator mode as always. Killer Kross, no stranger to competing in Mexico, was right at home in the main event along utilizing his intensity and power. Finally, Moose illustrated his power hand in hand with strategy to stay in the fight.

Things were hectic right from the start, and every man found themselves getting some powerful shots in. Unfortunately, only one man could leave as champion. Brian Cage was on fire throughout much of the match, even sending Moose and Killer Kross flying with a double german suplex at one point. As things began to wind down, Cage planted Moose with the Drill Claw.

It was the same move he used to put Johnny Impact down for the count of ten at Homecoming, but that was a pinfall the referee never counted. At Uncaged, things started to slip through the fingers of The Machine once again. After putting down Moose, Cage went for the pinfall but it was broken up by Killer Kross. Brian Cage followed it up with a Drill Claw on Kross, but at that same moment Johnny Impact came flying off the top rope onto Moose.

Johnny got the pinfall only seconds before Cage did, and the referee made the count without even acknowledging Cage’s pinfall attempt. Brian Cage was livid once again, still believing he’d been screwed out of the title, but Johnny Impact still left Mexico City as the Impact World Champion. The issues between Impact and Cage appear to be far from over, and we may see what’s coming next when Impact Wrestling heads to Las Vegas next week.

Impact Wrestling Quick Hits

  • Taya Valkyrie continues to settle into her role as champion, and defeating Tessa Blanchard in such a violent match is a huge win for her title reign.
  • Willie Mack is a future X-Division Champion.
  • Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan is going to be extremely personal, and that means it’s must-see.
  • Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards issues finally hit a boiling point, and they’ll face off next week in one-on-one action.
  • Don’t forget that “The Smokeshow” Scarlett Bordeaux will have her in-ring debut soon.
  • If you watch Impact Wrestling on Twitch, you should become a subscriber just to see the absurdity we get backstage each week.
  • Puma King’s cat noises are terrifyingly realistic.
  • Brian Cage seems to get more dangerous with every loss, and that doesn’t bode well for Johnny Impact.
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Impact Wrestling Match Results

  • Taya Valkyrie def. Tessa Blanchard to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship
  • Willie Mack def. Ethan Page
  • Team AAA def. Team Impact (Order of Elimination: Eli Drake by Puma King, El Hijo del Vikingo by Fallah Bahh, Fallah Bahh by Aerostar, Aerostar by Eddie Edwards, Puma King by Sami Callihan, Sami Callihan by Psycho Clown, Eddie Edwards by Psycho Clown)
  • Johnny Impact def. Brian Cage, Moose, and Killer Kross to retain the Impact World Championship

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