Impact Wrestling Preview October 18th, 2018: After Glory

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Tonight on Impact Wrestling, we’ll see the fallout of everything that happened last Sunday at Bound For Glory! What’s next for Brian Cage? How will Johnny Impact hail in his latest Impact World Championship reign? Is Austin Aries even going to show up? We’ll find out tonight!

We’re fresh off the Impact Wrestling pay-per-view Bound For Glory, and when Impact airs tonight, the biggest question of the night will be – what exactly happened with Austin Aries?

It’s a shame that this is really the point everyone is focusing on, especially when the performances on Sunday were absolutely stellar, but hey, that’s entertainment for you. It was reported by ProWrestlingSheet that Austin Aries’ contract with Impact ended at Bound For Glory and that he wouldn’t be at the taping, so who knows if we’ll ever get an answer to what exactly was supposed to or not supposed to happen that night.

If you’ve followed any of our Impact coverage during or immediately after Bound For Glory, then you know by now how thrown I am by the fact that Brian Cage lost clean on a pin from Sami Callihan, making that the first time he’s been pinned in an Impact ring.

Tonight Cage will defend his X-Division Championship against Rich Swann, and I’m hoping that there’s a little something that will be changing in Cage in the weeks to come, some kind of chip on his shoulder. Cage has got to be feeling disappointed to say the least, so I’m hoping the seeds of that story get sown tonight a bit, and we see Cage go through a bit of character growth.

Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Allie will go one-on-one with Alisha Edwards tonight, or at least who we think is Allie. Bound For Glory left the possibility open that perhaps it wasn’t actually Allie who returned from the Undead Realm, and she may end up looking a little more Demon than Bunny tonight.

Alisha Edwards will hopefully get a fresh start post-BFG after the taxing feud her husband Eddie had with his former friend Moose. Alisha was of course never to shy to bring it to Moose when she needed to and really proved her resilience.

Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Ethan Page will make his Impact singles debut tonight against Trevor Lee. If you recall, Trevor Lee lost to Rich Swann when Swann made his Impact debut in June, so history may show you how this match ends up.

Though, what I’m really hoping for is that if Lee loses this match tonight, it’s at the hands of Petey Williams. If you recall, Lee stood up to Petey when he was being exceptionally creepy towards Scarlett Bordeaux while she held her talent search. If that was a sign of a feud brewing between the two, we may get an update on that tonight.

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Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight to see all the fallout from Bound For Glory, and follow along with us live on Twitter @FansidedDDT!

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