Impact Wrestling Partnership With AAA Unchanged by All Elite Wrestling

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Earlier this week, we found out that All Elite Wrestling will have an official partnership with Lucha Libre AAA moving forward. It was big news, but came with a burning question. AAA already has a working partnership with Impact Wrestling, so what does this mean for that? Will Impact lose access to stars like The Lucha Bros, or could this lead to a relationship between all three companies?

According to a report from PWInsider, that question may be answered in the simplest way possible. Per Mike Johnson, “Impact Wrestling sources have stated they were aware of the relationship in the days before it was publicly announced and that they have been told by AAA officials that there would be no changes to their own relationship going forward.”

If this shows to be the case, it’s an amazing development for Impact Wrestling. There were recent reports of a bidding war between All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling over The Lucha Bros, arguably the hottest AAA talents in the industry today. When news broke that The Lucha Bros had signed with All Elite Wrestling, there was an undercurrent of feeling they would then be on their way out of Impact Wrestling.

With this news, they can continue to remain active members of Impact’s roster. This is great news considering the events last night on Impact, as The Lucha Bros defeated LAX to become the new Impact Tag Team Champions. If The Lucha Bros were forced to wrap up their dates with Impact in short order, this would’ve significantly cheapened their win and the significance of LAX’s loss.

Some even expressed frustration at The Lucha Bros winning because of the developments about Lucha Bros and AEW, but had that led to their departure, Impact Wrestling wouldn’t have had any choice but to continue with last night’s episode as planned. The current string of episodes emanating from Mexico City were taped back on January 11th and 12th, so there wasn’t exactly an option to shift gears.

Fortunately, The Lucha Bros look to continue being staples of Impact Wrestling moving forward, and no drastic changes in Impact’s plans look to be needed. It’s good news to know that Impact won’t be losing talent because of the AEW/AAA partnership, but that may not be the most interesting aspect of this news.

While an official partnership or talent sharing agreement between AEW and Impact Wrestling is far from confirmed, this news definitely makes it look possible. Even as this report stands, it looks like AAA’s talents will continue to appear with both promotions and create an almost partnership by proxy between AEW and Impact.

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Combine that with positive reports about Impact’s negotiations with AEW, and talent that eventually signed with AEW, and a connection between All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wresting seems very reasonable. Only time will tell how this all plays out, but putting AAA talent in as many places as possible can only be good for fans.

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