If Kofi Kingston doesn’t win next week…

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I’m going to be really mad online about it!

(This is easily the best story WWE is telling going into WrestleMania 35, for a number of reasons, but mostly because they are making it feel real without telling me everything is a bunch of scripted bullshit or that “right now I’m not playing a character.” Vince McMahon telling Kofi Kingston if he was good enough, he already would have had his chance, but he’s not, so he hasn’t felt like a punch to the gut you can’t recover from. That’s because you can believe Vince actually thought that, until fans went absolutely insane for Kingston and gave McMahon a much better option for a WWE championship match at his biggest show of the year. They’ve hit all the right story beats — the Gauntlet to earn his way into the Elimination Chamber match, the coming so close to winning there and clearly earning a one-on-one encounter, the taking of that encounter, the refusal to give it back without once again facing the longest odds in yet another Gauntlet; man, this is perfect. It’s perfect because I can’t wait to watch SmackDown next week and I will be living and dying on whether or not Kofi Kingston wins that Gauntlet match because I want him to win so badly I can taste it, and then I want him to win the WWE championship from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35. But first things first.)

Seriously, I’m going to be so super pissed if he doesn’t win next week.

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