IBJJF To Offer Cash Prizes For Adult Black Belt Winners At Worlds, Will Pay Men & Women Equally

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In a move that many jiu-jitsu competitors have been awaiting for years, the IBJJF will now offer significant cash prizes to winners of the adult black belt categories at Worlds.

Male and female competitors will be paid equally, and the amount of cash awarded will depend on the number of competitors in the division won. The largest cash award of $10,000 will go to the male and female winners of the black belt absolute division. The other amounts will be determined as follows for the male and female adult black belt divisions:

2-8 Athletes: $4,000.00 (USD)
9-16 Athletes: $5,000.00 (USD)
17-32 Athletes: $6,000.00 (USD)
+33 Athletes: $7,000.00 (USD)

In recent years, the IBJJF has been criticized for its lack of cash awards as athletes have turned to professional grappling promotions to make money for their performances on the mats. Other promotions have sparked controversy by offering money to competitors, but giving significantly less to female grapplers. This new development in the IBJJF is being lauded by many athletes as a big step in the right direction for the organization and the sport as a whole.

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