I Am A BJJ Fanatic – Eps 4

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I Am A BJJ Fanatic - Eps 4 - Adam Wardzinski

This is our fourth installment of our new Jiu Jitsu Motivation Docu-Series “I Am A BJJ Fanatic.” BJJ Fanatics in conjunction with Low Cut Films offers a look into the mind and training of Polish Superstar, Adam Wardzinski.

Adam Wardzinski is one of the most recognized and accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioners in the world. The Polish star star rose quickly to popularity after several incredible performances against the highest level guys at the adult black belt level.

What is most impressive about Adam is the fact that he never had access to world class black belts and he learned much of his guard and system on his own.  He was constantly studying, training and innovating.  This is a look inside the mind, training and life of one of our sports best. 

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