Hulk Hogan will never quit wrestling, according to his son

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It’s another TMZ ambush interview with literally any moderately well known person:

That’s Nick Hogan, son of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, who recently returned at Crown Jewel. Naturally, they asked about Hulk and his recent return and possible future in pro wrestling. He gave this answer:

“I don’t think that’s ever… well, first of all, everybody thinks it’s a joke but he’s still like over 6’5” and over 300 pounds. He’s just a monster. He’s strong and it’s just insane. I don’t know. He just always says he loves it. He loves training, he loves the wrestling business. It runs too deep in his blood, I don’t think he’ll ever quit.”

Well when he’s got promotions like WWE who are still willing to book him, no matter what kind of awful things he says or does, why would he quit?

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