How WWE NXT Could Become A Key Part Of WWE’s Fox TV Schedule

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WWE SmackDown Live will be making the transition soon from the USA Network to the Fox Network. It could be very beneficial for all parties for that transition to include WWE’s developmental territory, WWE NXT.

WWE NXT has been by many accounts the highlight of WWE programming for the better part of four years. Fans of the promotion will readily tell you that NXT puts on some of the best, most intense, and most emotional matches that WWE offers us as a whole.

Of course, it’s been widely discussed that very soon, WWE SmackDown Live will be making the big jump onto the Fox Network, which could potentially drawn in exponentially more viewers.

For all the success it’s had, NXT deserves to be a part of that transition.

WWE NXT Sasha Banks and Bayley in the midst of their TakeOver: Brooklyn classic.



For the superstars themselves, this could be a monumental shift. Earning a promotion from NXT to the main roster has become something of a poisoned chalice in recent years and several exciting talents have faded into obscurity.

Providing NXT with the platform it needs to become a legitimate televised show could allow stars such as Bobby Roode, Tye Dillinger and Bayley to name a few, the opportunity to reinvigorate their faltering careers.

Further to this, a weekly televised NXT show negates the need to promote wrestlers to Raw or SmackDown Live. This means that outstanding NXT prospects such as Tommaso Ciampa, Aleister Black and Shayna Baszler won’t suffer the ignominy of being forced to dilute their acts on the main roster.

There will always be a risk that the NXT product itself becomes watered down if it is reliant on television contracts, and there is the argument that keeping NXT on the Network would ensure the continuation of a large portion of subscribers.

On the flip side, many fans have been rallying for NXT to become a larger part of the WWE machine for many years now, and there has never been a better opportunity to make this a reality.

With reports suggesting that Fox wants to position SmackDown Live as a more “sports oriented” show, this could allow Raw to firm up its position as the entertainment show while NXT could be the offering for wrestling purists.

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Exciting times lie ahead as Vince McMahon ponders how to restructure his weekly shows in preparation for the transition to Fox.

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