How To Shut Down The 411 Like Felipe Pena

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Registered badass Felipe Pena twice averted disaster in big matches against submission hunters like Gordon Ryan, using a modified backtake to get out of the both 411 position and heel attacks.

RVV BJJ does a slow and clear breakdown of Pena’s technique complete with visual aids so even the newest noobs can see what he’s talking about. If you’re someone who views BJJ as human chess, this one will help you see the  board from setup to checkmate…and give you at least half a chance at savvily basing out of the next heel hook that comes your way.


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Kimberly Kaye

Kimberly Kaye is a blue belt under Plinio Cruz now training BJJ and Muay Thai out of NOLA MMA. When she’s not being choked or kicked by large Louisianians, she’s a student of integrative medicine/nutrition at FCMA and rehabilitator of deaf bully breed dogs no one else wants. Kimberly coexists with the rare disease CIPO, and is an advocate for disabled individuals in the martial arts community and world at large.

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