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How to Finish the Long Step Pass


The knee slice position is one of the most commonly used places to begin guard passes from. You will end up here for two reasons, first, the guard player will likely go to reverse de la riva if you place a leg across the hamstring, and second is that it is a great position for the top player to settle in to begin their guard passes. 

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This position can be equally utilized in the gi as without the gi although the passes you decide to do may be different. It is important, however, to remain cognizant of what the guard player is doing because they have many options. If they are in fact playing a reverse de la riva type game, you must remain fully aware and ready to defend inversions. If you don’t, the guard player can take the back, enter better guards like X-guard, or even go for leg entanglements.

The most common pass used from the knee slice position is the pass the position is named after, the knee slice pass. The knee slice pass is extremely powerful when done well and is arguably one of the toughest passes to defend. This doesn’t mean you won’t go up against some guard players with a great reverse de la riva who can trap your leg or use a knee or foot shield well. Because of this, you must utilize different passes from this position that can counter what the guard player is trying to do. 

Another powerful guard pass you can use from the knee slice position is the long step pass. As the name suggests, this guard pass requires the top player take long step away from the legs of the guard player so as to escape. Since only one leg is trapped in revese de la riva, you can probably guess which leg has to long step.

In the following video by BJJ Fanatics, you will see how this pass is both initiated and finished. See below:

An important detail to not with the long step pass is that you must kick your leg straight up first before you move it away from the legs. If you try to go horizontal with the leg first, the guard player will trap your leg or even worse, come up with you and take you down. 

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