How To Build A Better Offense In Closed Guard

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Closed guard has a mixed reputation in jiu-jitsu. Some people see it as the perfect position to stall in when you’re up by a point (or an advantage) to make sure you get the win, but in reality, this guard can provide you with plenty of opportunities to attack and submit your opponent.

In this video, Jonathan Thomas explores developing an offensive strategy from closed guard, both on a fundamental level and taking things a step further by showing what attacks to use based on your opponent’s grips. Take a look and become a master of the closed guard!

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Averi is the managing editor for the Jiu-Jitsu Times. She’s a purple belt under Andre Oliveira of Pura Vida BJJ in Costa Rica and an ambassador for Grapple Apparel. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @bjjaveri.

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