How Becky Lynch Is Becoming The New Queen Of Twitter

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With the historic WWE Evolution on the horizon, it’s time we take a look at another evolution that is taking place right on our phones, tablets and computers courtesy of Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch recently began to cross the necessary lines in order to reach her full potential in the ring and now she is carrying that over to social media where she has undoubtedly become the Queen of Twitter.

It is no secret that Becky Lynch has been crushing it since her resurgence as a confident, cocky and lass-kicking Smackdown Women’s champion. Whether she’s putting on fantastic matches with her rival Charlotte Flair or spitting facts on the microphone to WWE Hall of Famers, Lynch is at the top of her game.

With all of her recent success, you would think she would be getting the respect she has worked so far and ultimately deserves. However, that hasn’t been the case and Lynch is not about to let you forget about it.

Lynch is arguably one of the hottest acts going in all of WWE right now, and as she has perfectly pointed out, she still isn’t getting the recognition and praise she has fought for. At this rate, that will all change and The Lass Kicker could find herself at the forefront of all future posters and programs.

If the champ’s competition think they’re safe from Lynch on social media, well, they have another thing coming. Lynch seems to always be watching and certainly will not be afraid to come at them just as hard as she would inside the squared circle. She has been squaring off with Flair for the most part of late inside the ring, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an eye on the other women on the Smackdown Live roster.


The hits just keep coming and even superstars who try to compliment Becky are safe from the heat.

Charlotte Flair has been the woman who has witnessed and felt the affects of Lynch’s new attitude the most. The two have shared the ring many times over the last couple of months and have been involved in plenty of physical altercations.

That being said, the action has not just been limited to WWE television. Lynch has taken the beef to social media, specifically Twitter, where she has constantly reminded Flair that there’s a new Queen of the Women’s division.

Becky Lynch has been showing up and impressing everywhere of late, whether it be on our television screens or on our phones and at WWE Evolution Lynch has a chance to continue to solidify her hold on the Smackdown Women’s division and the WWE as whole.

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The Queen of Twitter has the opportunity to become the new Queen in the WWE and might just turn into the most must-see attraction on timelines everywhere.

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