Heyman recruits old teammate of Brock Lesnar’s to go after Seth Rollins

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Hey look, it’s Shelton Benjamin.

With no whispers or rumors of any brand hopping going down, Benjamin made a surprise Monday night appearance on behalf of his former OVW teammate Brock Lesnar.

In the middle of a dueling promo between Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman, The Gold Standard got the jump on Lesnar’s WrestleMania 35 opponent this week on Raw.

This would lead to an impromptu match between Benjamin and Rollins, with Heyman taking a seat at the Raw announce table. Benjamin’s match on Monday night was his first for the red brand in nearly a decade.

The match itself was top notch for two competitors who have rarely shared the ring together. Following an attempted F-5 from Benjamin, Rollins wiggled out and hit the Blackout for the three count.

Is this an one off appearance or will Shelton Benjamin get a permanent spot in the Raw locker room?

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