Here’s What Happens When You Swap Your Gi Out For A Wedding Dress

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Wedding dresses: great for weddings, slightly less great for jiu-jitsu. However, that didn’t stop purple belt Elizabeth Chastain from wearing one to a local gym’s “formal” event. The premise was an open mat in which the attendants (all of whom were male last year) wore suits. However, Chastain wanted to switch things up and decided to wear a wedding dress instead.

The result was a lighthearted, fun jiu-jitsu roll that provided a lot of interesting submission opportunities. Check out one of her rolls below!

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Averi is the managing editor for the Jiu-Jitsu Times. She’s a purple belt under Andre Oliveira of Pura Vida BJJ in Costa Rica and an ambassador for Grapple Apparel. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @bjjaveri.

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