Here’s Undertaker, tweeting about football

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Bad news for anyone trying desperately to hold onto a strictly kayfabe version of The Undertaker. The Dead Man has a Twitter account.

It probably won’t be enough to convince those who are in denial about Mark Callaway’s transition to public life beyond his gimmick, but @theundertaker is verified, and lists the same email address for bookings & business inquiries as the Instagram Taker and/or his people have been using since last summer.


And this fits very much with what you’d expect a male Texan would be tweeting in the hours before a NFL playoff game featuring the team that plays its home games a few hours north of Callaway’s Austin home:

So there you have it. Probably time to let the fictional past… Rest. In. Peace.

Unless he’s planning on bringing the American Badass back:

Then let’s keep kayfabe… rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.

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