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Last Woman Standing Match

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have been going at it since August at SummerSlam, where Charlotte pinned Becky to win Carmella’s SmackDown women’s championship. That’s the moment when Becky Lynch snapped and embraced the dark side. She abruptly ended her friendship with Charlotte and viciously attacked her, and later went on to take the championship from Charlotte in September at Hell in a Cell. Their rivalry continued in early October at Super Show-Down, where Becky took the cowardly way out and got herself disqualified in order to retain the title.

Due to Becky’s actions, General Manager Paige gave Charlotte a championship rematch on the October 9 edition of SmackDown, with the stipulation that Becky could lose the title on a disqualification. Becky and Charlotte waged war for roughly 20 minutes, but it ultimately ended in a double count out. Becky retained her title and tried to escape, but Charlotte brawled up the ramp with her. Charlotte finally released months of frustration when she violently speared Becky through the LED board.

WWE was celebrating the 1000th episode of SmackDown one week later, and Edge returned to host his talk show, The Cutting Edge, with Becky Lynch as his first guest. Edge told Becky that he understands everything that she’s doing and thinking. Just like her, he wasn’t supposed to be in the main event. He had to scratch and claw for every inch he earned in WWE, just like Becky. Getting to the top of the mountain became an all-consuming goal to the point where Edge threw away every friendship he ever had in order to get his face on every poster and win every championship.

Edge understood why Becky was making those same decisions right now, because he already walked that walk. But Edge wanted to warn Becky of the long-term consequences of that approach. Making those selfish choices stained his soul, and the end result is that he is left at home staring at all his championships on the wall…all by himself. Edge warned Becky of that same fate, stating the worst part is she won’t even like herself.

That’s when Becky admitted that Edge was right, she doesn’t like herself…she loves herself. Becky regained her cocky demeanor, told Edge to stop being so condescending, ordered him to get the hell out of the champ’s ring, and then mocked his career-ending neck injury. Before Edge had time to leave the ring, Charlotte Flair entered the scene, stormed the ring, and took Lynch down. The two superstars wildly brawled around the ring until they were finally pulled apart by WWE officials.

Later that week there was an altercation at the Performance Center between Lynch and Flair. Charlotte was there trying to tell the trainees that this business is built on respect for others, but Becky crashed the party and dismissed all of Charlotte’s advice. Becky told them to avoid making friends in this business because they will only hold you back. This instigated yet another out of control brawl between the Queen and the Irish Lass Kicker.

It’s time to finally settle this rivalry between Becky and Charlotte. The animosity between them has reached the point where there is guaranteed to be a brawl whenever they encounter each other. Disqualifications and count outs are out the window this time. At Evolution these two superstars will battle it out in the first ever Last Woman Standing match on the main roster.

Becky and Charlotte will have no restrictions as they brutally punish each other to such a degree that one woman cannot answer a 10 count. If Charlotte wants to spear Becky through the LED board, that’s totally fair game. If Becky wants to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her and never let go, she can do that. If these two stars want to brawl around the entire arena, no WWE officials will even think about separating them.

This fight is going to be the best women’s match on the main roster in 2018. This match is what Evolution is all about. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are going to blow Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella out of the water and demonstrate what a great main event match looks like.

Find out which superstar is the Last Woman Standing by tuning into Evolution and keeping it right here at Cageside Seats!


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    Becky Lynch

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    Charlotte Flair

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