Here 5 prime challengers to Kofi Kingston’s title on SmackDown

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The title reign of Kofi Kingston should be one that not only produces excellent matches, but extends the legacy of both Kingston and his opponents.  Here is a list of five options to face Kingston for his WWE Championship.

Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship reign rests on the foundation of the notion that deserving individuals should not wait eleven years for their shot at the top.  With his time at the top finally being here, his reign should cement Kofi as the champion he was always meant to be, as well as a springboard for others to not encounter a similar wait.

The following is a list of five (technically six) prime opponents for Kofi Kingston to face during his historical title reign.  This list does not contain the obvious names of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns as they will inevitably end up facing Kingston based on their status alone.   Rather, this list contains the list of names of those who could either be catapulted to-or-near the main event based on their program with Kingston, or who could bring angles to make Kingston’s reign rich with narrative.

It is important to remember that “rich with narrative” would not be a description that would be given to Kofi Kingston’s career prior to his win over Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35.  Therefore, this run with the WWE Championship should be one that not only confirms Kingston as all-time great, but also provides opportunity to others to see whether or not they are meant to grab that mythical WWE brass ring.

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