Heavy Metal Wrestling promoter talks Fight the Power featuring New Jack

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Heavy Metal Wrestling is making their mark on the Texas independent wrestling scene, and we spoke to promoter Dylan Dunbar about the company ahead of tonight’s Fight the Power event which airs live on Twitch.

Independent wrestling has continued to grow in recent years, and one of the biggest hotbeds for that growth has been the great state of Texas. Just last week, Reality of Wrestling’s Will Allday made the bold prediction that “the next big wrestling bubble is gonna be in Texas.” Whether you believe that bubble is already here or still on the way, Heavy Metal Wrestling looks to be a key part of it.

Despite only being founded in 2017, San Antonio-based promotion Heavy Metal Wrestling has set themselves apart from other promotions with a gritty DIY attitude, a concert-like atmosphere at events, and the consistency of taping shows on a weekly basis. Tonight, they present Fight the Power from The Guillotine in San Antonio, TX, which will also air live on Twitch, and it looks like one hell of an event.

ECW legend New Jack will be appearing, which already makes this must-see. On top of the infamous unpredictability of New Jack and whatever he might do, the show also features Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion “All Ego” Ethan Page going up against “The Latin Hearthrob” Gino in what could definitely be match of the night.

I got to speak exclusively to Heavy Metal Wrestling promoter Dylan Dunbar about the company’s beginnings, pairing widely known independent stars with local talent, and what sets Heavy Metal Wrestling apart from other promotions.

Patches Chance: For fans that might not already know you, what was your history before Heavy Metal Wrestling? 

Dylan Dunbar: Well, I was trained by Funaki from WWE. I trained with him for about two years and then I was actually a performer and a pro wrestler for about six years until I actually had some injuries and decided to step away. But I missed it so much that I had to contribute in another way, so we went ahead, it was kind of one of those things where everything synced up properly and everything came together.

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