Have You Seen EC3? If Found, Contact WWE Creative

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Breaking News: Incredibly talented former NXT star EC3 missing on main roster. Last seen in nonsensical rivalry with Dean Ambrose. If found, please contact WWE’s creative team, or better yet, someone who knows how to book wrestling.

Reports are flying in fast that one of the most anticipated call-ups from NXT, who goes only by the moniker EC3, has gone missing from the main roster. Efforts are hopefully, maybe, underway to find him and put him in a meaningful storyline.

I’m not going to lie here folks though. The situation is starting to look bleak.

After being stuck for several weeks in what appeared to be some attempt at a storyline with Dean  Amborse, EC3 was reportedly recently seen in WWE’s veritable Twilight Zone known as Main Event.

Authorities are still trying to figure out if Main Event still exists, or is simply just a figment of our collective imaginations. Either way, it certainly shouldn’t be considered part of the main roster.

Nevertheless, there was EC3. Lost, without anything of note happening around him as far as the eye can see, brawling with Apollo Crews in some dark, cold recess of Hulu and the WWE Network.

Perhaps this was some sort of sick punishment inflicted upon him for his time served in Impact Wrestling. Potentially, once he proves his worth once again, whatever maleficent force that trapped him in Main Event will allow him to leave.

Maybe he was just driven mad by staring in those mirrors backstage for so long. WWE does have a turbulent history with mirrors, you know.

Regardless, those involved in this search should now be working overtime to see that EC3 is safely returned to the main roster, ideally away from whichever clueless individuals were ready to make him a mere cliff-note in some strange Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose angle.

We here all know EC3 can be more than that. We all know he has the talent and skill that will be necessary for him to display in order to safely return to the confines of Raw or SmackDown. We all know this doesn’t have to be the end for EC3.

All we can do right now is just keep hope. Keep hoping that WWE will come to their senses and find EC3 before it’s too late. Before WrestleMania passes us by and we’re robbed of seeing a future star do what he does best in front of a massive crowd of viewers.

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If you’re listening WWE, please find EC3 and put him back on the main roster where he belongs.




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