Happy 3:16 Day! Now stop trying to make Stone Cold Becky Lynch happen

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It’s March 16, and that means the internet cracks open a case of Steve Austin GIFs because the date reminds us of this:

“Talk about your Psalms, talk about John 3:16. Austin 3:16 said I just whipped your ass!”

And the rest is history.

WWE has, of course, gotten in on the business of 3:16 Day. And since they’ve spent a fair amount of time this year trying to mold Becky Lynch in Stone Cold’s image (when they’re not casting her as Daniel Bryan, that is… although that’s settled down with Kofi Kingston sliding into the DB role… but I digress), they’re celebrating this year by promoting the Lynch portions of a 2016 video which featured a bunch of Superstars reciting Austin’s King of the Ring promo:

It’s fine, and an interesting artifact which demonstrates how the confidence Becky’s brought to her current character makes all the difference in the world. But it also really makes me want all of us – and I myself have been guilty of this on more than one occasion – to stop trying to make Stone Cold Becky Lynch happen.

Let The Man be The Man. And go whoop some ass… it’s 3:16 Day!

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