Go ahead and do Lesnar vs. Cormier for the WWE Universal Title in UFC

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UFC heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier wants Brock Lesnar to bring the WWE Universal Championship with him to the octagon when (if) the two meet in 2019.

And, hey, why not?

Cormier is a lifelong wrestling fan and getting pushed to take a WWE announcing gig. So, what’s the harm?

The world of combat sports is pure insanity right now anyway. Floyd Mayweather is going to fight a kickboxer in Japan in a three-round exhibition of something (it will almost certainly be boxing), Farrah from Teen Mom was supposed to fight Hoopz from Flavor of Love but pulled out because they didn’t get her a nice enough hotel and made her fly coach, YouTube dork Jake Paul is challenging MMA dork Dillon Danis to a fight … and so on.

I’m all for making a little history by having the WWE Universal Championship on the line in a UFC fight. It’ll make for a great piece of trivia down the road.

Really, wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction for the most cursed of belts?

I just want the belt to be interesting and it hasn’t been for so long.

So, yeah, wear it to the octagon, Brock. Then strap it around the waist of Cormier after the one-sided beating has concluded.

Let’s get weird.

Here’s to a new week!

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