Garry Tonon Heel Hooks His Way to Fifth Win in ONE FC – BJJ Fanatics

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Garry Tonon Heel Hooks His Way to Fifth Win in ONE FC

 BJJ Superstar Undefeated With Leg Lock Finish

 Garry Tonon continued his win streak with his 55 second victory over Yoshiki Nakahara in the ONE FC mixed martial arts organization today.  The two combatants traded tentative strikes early on.  But once Tom DeBlass black belt and Danaher Death Squad founding member Tonon dropped down for a single leg, it was all but over.  

Tonon entered into ashi garami and made short work of his opponent’s heel.  Check out the full fight below.

As a founding member of the Danaher Death Squad, Garry Tonon was one of the main students who helped sharpen the techniques found in John Danaher’s epic first volume of the Enter the System Series focused on Leg Locks.  Get your copy here!




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