Froch: I Agree With DeGale, PED Cheats Should Get Life Bans

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Former world champions Carl Froch and James DeGale did not agree on much, but they share the same position when it comes to boxers testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

During a recent interview, DeGale explained his stance of drug cheats being banned for life from the sport.

2018 had plenty of drug testing controversy, with Canelo Alvarez capturing most of the headlines after he tested positive for the banned substance clenbuterol and was punished with a six month suspension.


Froch agrees with DeGale’s position that drugs cheats must be banned for life – a severe punishment to scare away fighters from even considering the possibility of using illegal substances.

“I remember when Floyd Mayweather was requesting Manny Pacquaio did the same testing as him and he refused to do that,” Froch told Talk Sport.

“It just begs the question; ‘Why would you not want to do any kind of drug testing?’ You should want to prove you are as clean as the next man. It’s quite strong what James DeGale was saying there.

“What I would say is, anyone caught taking performance enhancing drugs – in any sport – but especially boxing, I agree with James and they should be banned for life.”

Froch detailed how performance enhancers would provide a fighter with the type of advantages to do permanent damage to an opponent in the ring.

“If you’re stronger and fitter and hitting harder because you’re taking drugs then surely that’s got to be illegal,” Froch said. And if you really cause some damage you could be headed down the manslaughter route because that’s how bad it is and how severe it is.

“Five-nil in a football match or three sets to love in a game of tennis isn’t like getting knocked unconscious in a boxing ring. So you have to look at the nature of the sport – it’s not equally as bad, it’s probably worse in boxing because of that.”

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