Frank Warren Confident He Can Take Eddie Hearn in a Fight

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Frank Warren is confident that he would come out on top if matched in a fight with his much younger promotional rival, Eddie Hearn.

Warren told GQ magazine : “I’m giving a lot of age away, I’m giving a lot of height away, a lot of weight away as well. But lock us both in a room and I think I’ll come out on top.”

Over the last few years, the rivalry between Warren and Hearn has really heated up – with each man promoting one of the top players in the heavyweight division.


Warren is the promoter for Tyson Fury, while Hearn represents WBO, IBO, WBA, IBF world champion Anthony Joshua.

Warren is aligned with BT Sport in the UK and ESPN in the United States, while Hearn has exclusive deals with Sky Sports in the UK and streaming service DAZN in the U.S.

A few days ago, Hearn explained that he tried to make a fight between Fury and Joshua, but the deal was not doable because Fury and Warren demanded a 50-50 split, which Hearn said will never happen.

Warren explained that a 50-50 split was the only way the contest would get done. He believes Hearn is running scared from the fight, because Joshua is far and above the biggest star in his stable.

 “We want to put it together, but they don’t want to put it together. I’d want him to fight Joshua. [But] it’d be a waste of time (speaking to Hearn). They don’t want to meet, they don’t want to talk. I know they do not want this fight. They don’t want it. It’s very simple. If you want a fight its 50-50,” Warren said.

“Their business model is all around him, with Sky. He gets beat and he goes- they are pretty skinny in other departments. They haven’t got a lot of great fighters coming through. He’s a big star, don’t get me wrong.

“But Barry Hearn’s astute enough to know that if this cash cow goes then hang on a minute, where is the next one coming from?”

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