For the love of God, please let Miz move on from Shane already

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The Miz has been looking for redemption against Shane McMahon since losing to him at WWE WrestleMania, but the truth is that Miz does not need it. He just needs to move on.

The last few months of WWE television have not been kind to The Miz. For the most part, he has been interlocked in a one-sided war with Shane McMahon that only Miz’s character seems to care about at this point. Shane has been more focused on feuds with Roman Reigns and, more recently, The Undertaker. He’s also been grooming Drew McIntyre, Elias and The Revival as pawns in his schemes.

However, for every step of the way, like a fly that keeps buzzing around your ear refusing to shove off out the window, The Miz just won’t go away.

Story wise, it makes sense why The Miz is so cross with Shane McMahon. Shane’s turn at Fastlane and subsequent pummeling to The Miz’s dad probably still stings a bit in the former WWE Champion’s mind. However, seeing Miz constantly chase Shane McMahon looking for retribution has done more to hurt The Miz than help him. The chase itself has not made for compelling television.

Instead, it just highlights a lack of direction for Miz’s character, perhaps even the idea that WWE Creative don’t know what to do with him and, worst of all, it makes The Miz look like a desperate chump. A loser who can’t beat a 49-year old who’s never been trained to wrestle.

If you ask me, this feud should have ended at WrestleMania. This feud was never about Miz needing a win over Shane McMahon. It was just about how badly The A-Lister wanted to beat the hell out of him. The ending of their Falls Count Anywhere match saw The Miz lose, but not before punishing Shane with a suplex plunged 20ft through the air. Shane got a sneaky win and Miz beat the hell out of Shane. Everybody wins. Everybody can move on.

Yet, the feud kept going and The Miz kept losing. Between multiple pay-per-views and television tapings, Miz has three loses against a non-wrestler without a single win in sight.

Most fans seem to be tired of seeing Shane McMahon on their screens anyway, so it’s not like anyone is begging to see Miz finally get a win over Shane McMahon. They just want Shane to go away. Thus, the audience’s patience won’t help up enough to keep wanting to see Miz dilly dally in Shane’s crosshairs. He’s better off just keeping his distance at this point.

His storyline with Shane McMahon has already done horrible damage to Miz’s credibility. The best option now would just be for Miz to keep his distance and for WWE Creative to re-build that credibility by allowing Miz to rack up wins that matter in feuds people actually want to see.

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Now, please, WWE, for the love of God, let The Miz move on from this storyline, please.

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